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The carnivore nature of our four-legged family members is our guide in developing our all-natural scientifically researched food. Dogs in their natural state almost exclusively consume meat and don’t require a diet containing a high level of carbohydrates. Pursuing this philosophy we
developed the innovative line Natural & Delicious Pumpkin, a Grain-Free food with a high percentage of animal ingredients (over 60%), pumpkin, and vegetables that have beneficial
nutritional properties.


Zenapet Immune Support

4 SUPER FOODS That Can Help Extend Your Furry Friend’s life & Boost Their Immune System

1) Turkey Tail Mushroom = (Also called Yunzhi Mushrooms) Efficacy in supporting immune health in humans and dogs. A study on dogs reported that a compound in the mushrooms, polysaccharopeptide (PSP) showed to have a tumor- fighting effect. Your dog doesn’t need to be sick for the Turkey tail Mushroom to have a positive effect. Using this supplement can improve the strength of your canine companion’s immune system.
2) Beta- Glucan = Strong immune-boosting compounds that don’t occur naturally in the body. Both humans and dogs must rely on supplementation or their diet. Beta Glucans are found in barley, oats, rye, mushrooms and yeast. For dogs, beta-glucans may help to moderate the immune system in balancing your dog’s ability to fight infections.
3) Spirulina = A microscopic algae which has the highest level of digestible protein out of any edible plant. Spirulina boasts the highest levels of beta carotene, vitamin b-12, and iron, all of which are vital nutrients in your dog’s daily diet. Spirulina is packed full of nutrients and protein and contain phycocyanin, polysaccharides and sulfolipids, which are all natural immune boosting compounds that will strengthen your dog’s health and ability to fight infections. Spirulina is also a strong antioxidant and can improve your dog’s gastrointestinal health.
4) Resveratrol = A natural compound produced by plants to help them fight off bacteria or infections from foreign pathogens. Resveratrol can be found in berries such as, raspberries and blueberries and in plants like Japanese knotweed. Scientists are still studying the numerous benefits of this substance. Resveratrol has shown to help moderate canine immune systems. There is also evidence that resveratrol helps regulate the inflammatory response in the body, which can assist in treating painful joints in older animals.

Zenapet Immune Support for Dogs

***Boosts immune system with whole foods
***Strengthens heart & cardiovascular system
***Good for severe seasonal allergies
***Assists in clearing Ear Infections
***Antiviral & Antibacterial
***Gastric Issues
***Anti-inflammatory & aids with painful joints


Cetyl M


Response Products is a progressive, family-owned company dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative joint health and nutrition products for people, companion animals and horses. Headquartered in Broken Bow, Nebraska, we have grown dramatically as a company since our beginnings in 1998—and are serving customers today on virtually every continent in the world.

Building on Dr. Harry Diehl’s groundbreaking work, we developed a process for synthesizing the industry’s finest joint health product with a 100 percent plant-derived source of cetyl myristoleate from the African Kombo Nut. Soon thereafter, we developed a whole new family of powerful joint action formulas featuring cetyl myristoleate and other proven joint health ingredients, scientifically formulated to support superior joint health and function in horses, dogs and people.

Our joint health products today are benefiting customers the world over —thanks to online sales and a growing network of retail outlets, catalog-order companies and animal health practitioners. We’re also growing into new areas of health and nutrition for dogs, horses, and people with several innovative new supplements that will be available soon.

For all of us at Response Products, our quest continues as we work to develop new products that support a better quality of life for people of all ages and their animals.

Best Buy Bones

Best Buy Bones has been making all natural dog treats and chews since 1984.

All of our premium treats and chews are made in the USA with no artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

Our Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Venison Bones and chews are made with USDA approved raw materials and cooked under strict supervision to maintain consistent quality and safety.

Since 1984, Best Buy Bones has been making all-natural dog treats and chews in the USA.

A family owned and operated company, Best Buy Bones has continued to produce, provide, and distribute premium bones and chews to your pet without the unnecessary chemicals and preservatives so prevalent in today’s foods.

Best Buy Bones carries a wide variety of bones, treats, and chews including Smoked Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Venison Bones, Odor-Free Bully Sticks, Natural Beef Chews, Lamb Treats, Premium Pork Products, Naturally Shed Antler Chews, and Flavored Cow Ears.


Bug Zone

If you are looking for a chemical-free way to protect your dogs, cats, and horses from pests then Bug Zone™ is the right product for you.

Bug Zone™ combines cutting-edge science and technology to produce a “green” product that emits electromagnetic frequencies to keep pests away, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals on your animals.

Bug Zone™ is leading the way in the pest management industry while being safe for pets, people and the planet.

The Tag

Using your or your pet’s electrical field, Bug Zone creates a protective barrier from targeted pests, reaching maximum strength within 36 hours after attachment.

Bug Zone is the ultimate solution for protecting your pets from targeted pests.

Bug Zone uses no harmful chemicals, is odor-free and is a better alternative for pets, people and the planet.

Bug Zone is easy to use; simply remove from the packaging and attach to the pet’s collar with the provided split ring…that’s it!

Bug Zone is effective, economical, and eco-friendly.

We currently carry Bug Zone that offer protection for your dogs and cats against fleas and ticks and for your horses against flies and mosquitoes. We also carry people tags that offer protection from mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks or flies.

The Science Behind Bug Zone

Bug Zone™ represents a paradigm shift in the pest management industry. Bug Zone utilizes Nature’s energetic principles in combination with physics, quantum physics and advanced computer software technology. The key to Bug Zone is the three dimensional electromagnetic field embedded in the magnetic strip.

Bug Zone™ when used as instructed, utilizes the power of the bio-energetic field which surrounds all living things to create a frequency barrier for up to four months.

Bug Zone™‘s magnetic strip is encoded with beneficial frequencies and resonances and an electromagnetic charge bearing a polarized energy signature, which when introduced into the bio-energetic field of the wearer produces results.

Bug Zone™ is calibrated to specific animals and specific insects to repel targeted pests. This is possible because various insects and pests react to frequencies. These frequencies are introduced into the bio-energetic field of the wearer. These specific frequencies and resonances have proven to disturb targeted pests and create a barrier.

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